Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Real Life Cam rooms

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The room listing as of 21 August 2013

Current residents
Apartment (GMT+8)
Leora and Paul

Apartment (GMT+8)
Lora and Max

Apartment (GMT+8)
Alina and Anton

Apartment (GMT+8)
Maya and Stepan

Apartment (GMT+2)
Nora and Kiko (a.k.a. Nastya and Zheka)

Appartamento (GMT+2)
Isabel and Marcelo - New!

Apartment (GMT+2)
Alma and Stefan

No longer resident/old names:
Apartment (GMT+8)
Lina and Mark

Apartment (GMT+2)
Ariel and Harvey

Apartment (GMT+2)
Nastya and Zheka currently known as Nora and Kiko

Apartment (GMT+8)
Elena and Artur

Free RealLifeCams accounts

I've recently found several working and active reallifecam.com аccounts!

List of accounts:

List of 20 accounts to watch RealLifeCam for free: DOWNLOAD

Currently working/active
user: petar1234567891@hotmail.com
pswd: petar5555
Last update: 21. May2013

Previously working/active ones:
u: nise77@mynet.com
p: 14061977
u: loko5000@hotmail
p: 51f1311
u: samwassim@yahoo.com
p: wassim12345678
u: bbllcckk_11@hotmail.com
p: 00112233

reallifecam password script code bypass it.reallifecam  free 2013
If anyone finds another working acc., post in the comments bellow!

[Guide] How to watch RealLifeCam for free

List of 20 accounts to watch RealLifeCam for free: DOWNLOAD

There are three ways to watch RLC for freе:
  1. Go to the website and click on the free preview - done
  2. Find your own method. - good luck.
  3. Use a script - none working atm
  4. Download THIS
How to use the script via Chrome:
  1. Go to the Chrome's Appstore and download and install Tampermonkey
  2. Go to this address and click on the install image. If you don't trust that, you can click on source control, view the source code, copy and paste it in to a new script for tampermonkley.
    Additionally you can find a few more scripts at here .
  3. Go to RLC's website and enjoy the free cams and the newly open payed cams.
  4. Download THIS 

How to use the script via Firefox:
  1. Same as above, just install Greasemonkey
  2. Download THIS 
How to use the script without an addon. The method works for all browsers, you need to find the web console. I've explained how to do it via Firefox:
  1. Navigate to the Web console: Tools- Web Developer - Web console OR CTRL+SHIFT+K
  2. Go to RLC's website
  3. Go to the script's address (here), copy and paste the source code into the web console, where it says >
  4. Done. All should be working now.
  5. If not, try out  THIS 
Вон вам гайд на руском по анлоку (разблокирована) камеры

To short down the post, I've moved the Questions&Answers sections here:
eallifecam password script code bypass it.reallifecam  free 2013

What is RLC - Q&A/FAQ

* What is RLC?
- RealLifeCam.com, a website for bored ppl to watch other boring people do boring stuff.
*How can I watch RLC for free?
List of 20 accounts to watch RealLifeCam for free: DOWNLOAD
 Software to watch it without account: Download This

* Why did you wrote this guide?
- The administrator (Sergey) is already well aware of this issue and is taking has took measures. All of this will be is useless in a couple of hours/days/weeks as of now. Also, they got a ban system now.

* Some cams don't work at all, why is that?
- The script is not flawless and is sometimes outdated. The admin changes the algorithm and the web content occasionally. Also, sometimes the servers are busy or restarting or the people (or as I like to call them, Sims) have shitty internet.

*What does the script give access to?
- Everything payed, such as bathroom(s), bedroom(s), etc.

* After viewing some of the cams they freeze and I get an error and I can no longer view anything at all.
- If its error 201, read this article. If not, read it anyway. Protip: CTRL+F5.
- All I see is "Access denied: Illegal access. You are banned (support@reallifecam.com) "
   => This means that you're banned (congratulations! Read below...).

* I don't know programming, what is this script?
- Most are written in HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ajax.Learn those languages or ask a friend developer.
*I got banned. What do I do now?
- Buy a membership and email their support
- Just click on the X. You will be able to continue viewing the current cam for a brief moment.
- Disable the script, reload the page, click on any cam, enable the script, reload the page again.

* The script doesn't does a thing to me. I'm DE/IT.
- Change everything from reallifecam.com to de.reallifecam.com or it.reallifecam.com in the source code.

* I heard there are usеrnames and pаsses. What do they do?
- They are a silly joke. No one would share their passes. At least I wouldn't.

[FIXED] [ERROR] 201, Unable to load stream or clip file, connection failed, clip: '[Clip] ' .stream''

fix reallifecam video problem

Basically the error says... well f##k if i know what it says.

Why you get it? Here are my 2 cents:
The script now checks if you have clicked on an invalid link and blocks you from the system

Here are several things you can do to override that:
* Buy a membership
* Learn coding, hack the system
* Wait for a better greasemonkey script (dont even ask what that is or how to get it)

And now for the actually useful ones:
* Delete all of your browsing history, primary cache and cookies.
* Restart your modem/network service/
* Try to get a new IP/go behind a proxy
* Try to CTRL+F5 the page (clean refresh)

PS: to the admins (Sergey): I highly doubt that several ppl which don't pay really break all of your income. I do understand why you took actions after the doxing after Nastya and Zheka (I miss them :( ). Also, please don't forbid access to the free versions. Kkthnksbai.

List of 20 accounts to watch RealLifeCam for free: DOWNLOAD
 Software to watch it without account: Download This

RealLifeCam working scripts

This is mainly for development purposes for whoever needs it. Again, if any admin wishes these links to be taken down, just write a msg below.
I've noted the ones I knew and that have worked for me (with various of luck)

http://pastebin.com/gi51s5mZ  - ver. 1.0 by Unknown
http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/152660 - ver 1.0 for greasemonkey, by o3024688
http://userscripts.org/scripts/review/152651 - ver 1.6.2 by chk3
http://userscripts.org/scripts/review/153215 - ver 1.8.4g by Uforzyx
http://pastebin.com/JmcNrBk2 - latest source code from a payed user,  5th December 2012, after the security increase. It seems that the 'key' is randomly generated, 'expire' is a unix timestamp, and 'sign' is a hash of something.
http://camcaps.net/index.php?topic=7.0  - another list of codes.

Currently active acc:
user: samwassim@yahoo.com
pаsw: wassim12345678

List of 20 accounts to watch RealLifeCam for free: DOWNLOAD
 Software to watch it without account: Download This